Why You Should Change Over To Smokeless Cigarettes


Smokeless Cigarettes Now
Smokeless Cigarettes Now
What is it about smokeless cigarettes that has such an effect on people?  The appeal perhaps, I mean if you really think about it using these electronic cigarettes may just be the best decision you make this year.  And many people are switching to smokeless this year, in fact the industry has basically exploded.  One can see why - it just makes sense if you think about it, using smokeless cigarettes makes way more sense than smoking traditional ones.

Not only are electronic cigarettes here to stay, but they may be the future of the smoking industry as well.  Smokeless cigarettes may one day become more popular than regular cigarettes.  The appeal is there; I mean do you really want to go outside in the dead of winter just to have your "fix."  I don't think so, and especially not since there is an alternative out there.  Do you really want to smell of smoke when your going to be seeing your friends or family?  Or have to step out side of a movie just for a quick smoke? 

Smokeless cigarettes makes sense economically as well.  Some estimate that you can save as much as 70% when your using an electronic cigarette.  Think about that for a second.  Let's say you smoke a pack a day at $6.50 a pack.  That means you are going to spend roughly $2,373 a year on cigarettes.  Now let's say you can save 70% off of that buy using smokeless cigarettes instead.  How much will you be spending on your habit then?  Only $712 a year! 

And it gets better as well.  Smoking is bad for your health, really bad.  Using smokeless cigarettes may not be better (it has not been proven yet) but if I were a gambling man I would certainly put my money on smokeless.  I mean, your inhaling water vapor instead of smoke.  When I switched over and started using an electronic cigarette I felt a lot better, and a week after not smoking I felt like I could breath better already.  I'm not a doctor so I don't really know if it is healthier - but I would bet it will be proven in the near future!

Okay thats all for now.  To recap real quick, using smokeless cigarettes just makes sense (and dollars).  You can sit inside by the fireplace smoking a smokeless device which doesn't smell bad or give off second hand smoke.  You can save money, and time by not having to go to the store every day.  And possibly, you can save your health as well.  So what are you waiting for go take a look at some smokeless cigarettes today.